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Daily Gratitude

November is the month of gratitude! Thanksgiving week is the week of gratitude! Thanksgiving is the day of gratitude!

There are typically a lot of posts about what people are thankful for. Sometimes there are social media challenges telling you what to post about for each day, or to post every day the week of Thanksgiving.

What if we practiced gratitude every day?

Even as I type it, it feels cliché or something, but it really is simple.

Last December I read a short book called Redefining Anxiety by Dr. John Deloney of Ramsey Solutions. An insightful and practical book, one of the suggestions Dr. Deloney gives, that he also uses, is to practice daily gratitude.

It’s simple: every day, write down five things you are grateful for.

I incorporated this into my daily Bible study time and have done it the majority of this year. It has helped to keep me grounded by reminding me of the basic needs that are met, the people in my life, and the blessings beyond that. It’s a good reminder on the not so good days, and even on the days of elation. And it’s just a good practice overall to be in the habit of as we seek growth each day.

I encourage you to add this ritual to your daily routine! It provides a good frame of mind to start your day, or a way to refocus on what’s important at the end of your day.

And if your interested in Redefining Anxiety by Dr. John Deloney, I recommend it! I bought it on a whim and really enjoyed it, especially as someone who struggles with anxiety.

Happy Thanksgiving!🍁

Daily Gratitude:
1. Our church family
2. My husband
3. Christmas time!
4. A working heater
5. Another birthday!

Published by Liz Davis

Liz Davis is a casual & inconsistent writer. Besides writing, her hobbies include house plants, gardening, decorating, traveling, and embroidery. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and their pup.

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