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Poem: Never Alone

I know there are days the journey seems endless,
no rest stops or scenic views.
I know there are nights the dark seems deeper,
like the moon and her stars are hiding.
And I know there are mountains that seem too big to climb,
valleys too low to climb out of.

But you are never alone. Because
The God who made the path you're on
made you and placed you on it.
The God who made the Light will
sit with you, aching in the dark.
And the God who made the mountains made the valleys too
and will conquer both for you.

So you will remember
you are never alone
with Him.

Liz Davis 2/5/2022

Published by Liz Davis

Liz Davis is a casual & inconsistent writer. Besides writing, her hobbies include house plants, gardening, decorating, traveling, and embroidery. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and their pup.

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