Poem: The Moon and Her Stars

She knows darkness and light
Dark hair flowing cosmos
Every which way
Planets surrounding her
But not a single drop of jealousy.
Her eyes sparkle,
Sometimes dimming slowly.
Sometimes infinitely golden,
Bursting with passion.
Black holes vying for her attention,
Pulling increasingly stronger.
But she will remain
In orbit
Gravitating towards life.
Are there whispers light years away?
Echos rippling into eternity…
So much still unknown,
Waiting to be found.

Liz Davis 11/6/2020

Vacation in Moab, Utah

After a long three months living and working at camp, we took off on vacation! We traveled through several states and national parks, but our favorite leg of the trip was Moab! Currently, my favorite landscape is red dirt canyons, so I was in paradise. 😍 We needed to relax, find a little adventure, and feel rejuvenated—our goals were absolutely met in Southern Utah. 🧡

My fascination started a few years ago when I had a connecting flight in Salt Lake City and could not believe the view out the airport window. I felt like I was in a valley surround by red dirt mountains capped with snow, in a way I could not believe. Now getting to spend several days during summer, my dream is reality!

We’ve driven through in the past at night with snow. We doubled back the next day to see Arches National Park, but again, lots and lots of snow. So we hoped in the future we would be able to spend time in the area. Moab is a few hours south of SLC, and we chose this destination because it has a couple national parks close by, and especially because we found cheap accommodations.

We discovered KOAs (Kampgrounds of America) are our new favorite way to camp. It’s like a cheap resort for tent camping (or RVs, or cabins). We couldn’t believe the amenities we had at the KOA Holiday while tent camping for such a low price! Nice swimming pool and hot tubs, fire pits, local bathrooms, laundromat, shaded area at the campsite, store, lawn games. It may sound general, but when used to tent camping in the forest with only an outhouse—it’s a huge step up!

Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Colorado River Recreation Area were BEAUTIFUL. We were awestruck everywhere we looked. The KOA was surrounded by these gorgeous views as well. I definitely recommend this area as a vacation destination, and the national parks as a must-see.

Yeah, But Why a Blog Though?

Think it’s weird that I’m “blogging?” I think it is. 😂 I’ve never really done it. It just seemed like this old school thing (😅) that I kind of admired but didn’t pursue. And then for a couple years I half-heartedly pursued it so that literally nothing came of it (they’re still on private mode with barely a couple of empty webpages). But now, I’m just going for it.

My main reason is to disconnect from my typical social media use, to lessen the mindless timeline scrolling, squash the comparison/jealousy monster, but still have a way to connect. I’m not saying sever the ties; just trying to change my relationship with it (although I did already delete my Snapchat and Twitter accounts last year). Social media has created “microblogging,” but to me this way is more two-dimensional, if you will, in the sense of thought out, fuller context of what you’re doing/thinking/expressing/emoting, and without what everyone else is doing.

So, maybe this will be a good experiment and will help me refocus my mind. Or, maybe it will flop and I’ll go back to social media. Who knows. At this point, I’m just trying to stick with it for a month for the sake of consistency.

Although it can take away the picture perfect snapshots of what other people are doing and the immediate comparing or jealousy that can come with that, it does feel weird because it’s just about me, from me. Nobody else is here on my page. Is that too self-centered? 😬 I have to go and find other blogs to follow, decide whether I want to read an entire blog (as opposed to an easy, quick-read microblog). The good news is, nobody has to read my posts. 😆 If someone actually wants to, they have to seek it out. They can just ignore the “link in bio” and forget about me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (By now I’m just writing it all out because it’s therapeutic.)

So there are my ramblings. Have you ever started a legitimate blog outside of social media microblogging? How’d it go? Was it focused on one main topic, or did it cover multiple subjects? Let me know your experience in the comments. 😁

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