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Poem: Can you die of happiness?

“Can you die of happiness?” she said. For some of us out of pain comes creativity, as if joy doesn’t inspire as much as sorrow. So we wonder of the affects of happiness because you can die from sorrow. Can you live of happiness? Find the beauty in the every day. Find thankfulness in whatContinue reading “Poem: Can you die of happiness?”

Poem: Never Alone

I know there are days the journey seems endless,no rest stops or scenic views.I know there are nights the dark seems deeper,like the moon and her stars are hiding.And I know there are mountains that seem too big to climb,valleys too low to climb out of.But you are never alone. BecauseThe God who made theContinue reading “Poem: Never Alone”

Poem: The Moon and Her Stars

She knows darkness and lightDark hair flowing cosmosEvery which wayPlanets surrounding herBut not a single drop of jealousy. Her eyes sparkle,Sometimes dimming slowly.Sometimes infinitely golden,Bursting with passion. Black holes vying for her attention,Pulling increasingly stronger. But she will remainIn orbitUncompromisedAnchoredGravitating towards life. Are there whispers light years away?Echos rippling into eternity…So much still unknown,Waiting toContinue reading “Poem: The Moon and Her Stars”

Yeah, But Why a Blog Though?

Think it’s weird that I’m “blogging?” I think it is. 😂 I’ve never really done it. It just seemed like this old school thing (😅) that I kind of admired but didn’t pursue. And then for a couple years I half-heartedly pursued it so that literally nothing came of it (they’re still on private modeContinue reading “Yeah, But Why a Blog Though?”